Change drive used for offline servicing

Offline Servicing OSD images wihin SCCM is a useful feature. I have heard SCCM Professional say it is good and bad but this post is is specifically around changing the default location used to stage the Windows image.

By default SCCM will use the drive in which the Configuration Manager is installed (i.e. Drive E) even if it is running low on diskspace. But assuming you have a new drive F: with plenty of space the procedure below will details how to change this.

Assuming your site code is P01 Launch wbemtest.exe and connect to: root\sms\site_P01

Click Query and enter: SELECT * FROM SMS_SCI_Component WHERE SiteCode=’P01’ AND ItemName LIKE ‘SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER%’

Double click the query result Double click Props (Scroll down second from bottom) Click View Embedded There will be four entries listed. Through a process of trial and error double click each one looking for PropertyName field "StagingDrive"

Change the Value1 in the list to F: (see above new drive with plenty of space)

Save Object Click Close Click Save Property Click Save Object Click close.