iLO Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell

iLO Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell provide the following features:

  • Support for iLO 3 and iLO 4 configuration.
  • Support for iLO Federation cmdlets.
  • Enhanced security support for all cmdlets with Server Certificate check.
  • Uses proven PowerShell technology to provide consistent and reliable server configuration.
  • Built-in online help for all PowerShell cmdlets, documenting syntax and usage examples.

Some examples:

Cmdlet Description
Get-HPiLODriveInfo Gets the drive details for the server
Get-HPiLOERSSetting Gets the Insight Remote Support setting
Get-HPiLOEventLog Gets the iLO event logs
Get-HPiLOFan Gets the Fan health details from the server
Get-HPiLOFederationGroup Gets a list of all iLO Federation group names
Get-HPiLOFirmwareInfo Gets the Firmware details for the iLO
Get-HPiLOFirmwareVersion Gets the iLO Firmware version
Get-HPiLOGlobalSetting Gets the iLO Global Settings
Get-HPiLOHealthSummary Gets the health information summary of the host server
Get-HPiLOHostPower Gets the power state of the server
Get-HPiLOIML Gets the Integrated management logs
Get-HPiLOLicense Gets license types and keys
Get-HPiLOMemoryInfo Gets the Memory details for the host server where the iLO is located
Get-HPiLONetworkSetting Gets the current network settings
Get-HPiLONICInfo Gets the NIC details for the System NIC and the iLO NIC
Get-HPiLOOneTimeBootOrder Gets the current state of the one-time boot
Get-HPiLOPowerOnTime Gets the virtual clock value since the server was last powered on
Get-HPiLOProcessor Gets the processor details for the host server
Get-HPiLOTemperature Gets the temperature health details of the server
Get-HPiLOUserList Gets the list of local users

OA (Onboard Administrator) PowerShell cmdlets

OA Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell provide the following features:

  • Support for configuration of Blade Enclosure C3000 and C7000 running Onboard Administrator version 3.11 and later.

Some examples:

Cmdlet Description
Connect-HPOA Connects to an OA and creates an SSH session.
Find-HPOA Find list of OA in a specified subnet.
Get-HPOAConfig Gets the script required to recreate the settings of the enclosure.
Get-HPOAEBIPA Gets EBIPA information.
Get-HPOAEnclosureFan Gets information for current status of the specified enclosure fan.
Get-HPOAEnclosureInfo Gets enclosure information.
Get-HPOAEnclosureLCD Gets information about the Insight Display screen.
Get-HPOAEnclosureStatus Gets the basic health and status of the enclosure subsystem.
Get-HPOAEnclosureTemp Gets the highest ambient temperature being reported.
Get-HPOAFWSummary Gets a summary of enclosure firmware components.
Get-HPOAInfo Gets information about the OA.
Get-HPOAInterconnectStatus Gets interconnect status information; UID state and health state.
Get-HPOAPower Gets the current power configuration.
Get-HPOAServerInfo Gets server settings and details.
Get-HPOAServerStatus Gets power, health, thermal and UID setting of the server blade.
Get-HPOAUpTime Gets uptime for the OA.
Reset-HPOA Restarts OA, server, interconnect specified by bay number.
Update-HPOAFirmware Update OA firmware by multi methods.
Update-HPOAiLO Downloads a new flash image from the network and uses it to update the firmware for the iLO.

NOTE: The HPOACmdlets are supported by help, which is used in the same way as other PowerShell cmdlets. To display a complete list of the HP OA cmdlets in PowerShell, type:

Get-Help HPOA

Get-Command –Module HPOACmdlets

Software & Documentation

Download HPE Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell here.

Download HPE Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide BIOS Cmdlets.

Download HPE Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide iLO Cmdlets.

Download HPE Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide OA Cmdlets.

#Author : Ganesh Sekarbabu
#Site -
#Purpose: To find the HP ilo firmware version of the blades running in HP Enclosure.
# Download the HP CMDLTS from the "!tab=features "
# By using this HP CMDLTS we can  Configure and manage insight Lights Out (iLO), HP BIOS and Onboard Administrator (OA)
# To run this script pls check the avilabilty of conect-HPOA and Get-HPOAServerList cmdlet
#Reference -
# Provide the Enclosure and ilo IP and the username password of the Enclosure and blades.

$dd = Read-host " Enter the HP OA IP "

$c = Connect-HPOA $dd
$username = Read-Host "Enter the username for ilo"
$passwd = Read-host "Enter the password for the ilo"

Get-HPOAServerList  -Connection $c | Select-Object -ExpandProperty serverlist | FT Bay,iLOName,iLOIPAddress,@{Name=FIRMWARE Version';Expression={[string]($_.iLOIPAddress | Get-HPiLOFirmwareVersion -Username $username -Password $passwd | 
Select-Object FIRMWARE_VERSION ) }}